Why Wood Displays and Packaging?

Quality Wood Displays

Commitment to using Quality Wood

Wood truly is a miracle material.
 It is environmentally sustainable, recyclable and carbon neutral. Wooden Displays and packaging have a natural beauty that lesser materials simply can’t match. In addition, choosing wood gives your products a higher perceived value than products packaged or displayed using plastic. With today’s consumer wanting more for their dollar, the choice of wood can make the critical difference between them making a purchase or passing you by.

Wood is a sustainable resource. Coastal Woodworks & Display prefers to source our wood locally to help support our local economy while reducing the impact and cost of shipping raw goods over great distances.

Wood displays are inviting and enhance the retail experience. Using wood makes a quality statement that composite materials simply can’t. It can make your product stand out in the hyper-competitive and crowded retail environment, attracting customers and increasing your sell-through. Wood stands up to the rigors of retail better than plastic or wire displays ever can. It’s simply a better investment over the long haul.